Employment Discrimination Cases

We represent clients in lawsuits and at the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination ("MCAD") on claims of wrongful termination cases such as discrimination based on disability, age, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, national origin, pregnancy, Family Medical Leave Act, the Massachusetts Paternity Leave Act as well as claims of retaliation. 


Unemployment Hearing

We represent clients before the Department of Unemployment and Assistance ("DUA") regarding applications, awards and denials of unemployment benefits. We also have represented clients where the DUA sought repayment of benefits previously paid.

Estate Planning

We meet with clients and based on their needs will prepare estate documents including wills, health care proxies, powers of attorneys and trusts that accomplish their objectives and explain their wishes.

Civil Litigation

We represent clients in business and contractual disputes including claims of breach of contract, negligence, 93A unfair business practices, contractual and common law indemnification, insurance coverage and warranty issues.

What We Offer


We have represented clients involved in internal employment investigations at their workplace as well as external investigations involving outside agencies such as the Massachusetts Attorney General's Office, the Massachusetts Inspector General's Office, the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts' Office, the State Ethics Commission, and the Massachusetts Office of Campaign and Political Finance.


Wage Claims

We have represented clients in wage cases involving the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Massachusetts Wage Act regarding unpaid regular wages, unpaid commissions, unpaid overtime wages and miscalculations of regular rates of pay for calculating overtime. 

Municipal and Governmental Issues

We have represented clients in various areas involving governmental entities including public employment issues, procurement concerns, contract disputes, eminent domain and zoning issues, public records requests, liquor licensing concerns and tax and bill questions.

Civil Rights Cases

Attorney Leahey has represented clients involved in civil rights cases in federal and state court involving allegations of disparate impact, excessive force, false arrest, violations of the First and Fourth Amendments, wrongful conviction cases and the constitutionality of local laws,


We view the practice of law as the profession it is. We take the time to sit with clients, obtain all necessary information and explain the various options. We timely return client's calls and communications. The client is kept informed throughout representation whether that representation is reviewing a legal document, preparing an estate plan or defending or prosecuting a lawsuit or administrative action. We  provide smart, sensible, and cost-effective solutions for our clients.

We offer free initial consultations. Please call 978.459.0396.

Types of Cases/Matters We Handle

Personal Solutions

The Law Office of Brian W. Leahey, P.C. offers our clients legal advice on an individual basis that considers the facts and circumstances of their specific situation, their needs and their objectives. We take into consideration all of these factors in offering solutions to our clients to best resolve their particular issues and concerns.